“Staged homes sell 88% faster and for 20% more than nonstaged ones.” (


Anew Home Staging specializes in helping homeowners to prepare their homes for sale. Through an organized and efficient process, we will maximize your profit, decrease the amount of time your home spends on the market, and reduce your stress level.

What is home staging?

Home staging is not interior design or decorating, but making inexpensive cosmetic changes to recreate the look and feel of a home to increase its marketability. The way you live in your home is different from the way you market and sell it. Through Anew’s system of organizing, cleaning, redecorating, depersonalizing and updating, both you and your home will be market-ready. Our expertise will ensure that your home looks its best, makes a positive first impression, and attracts enthusiastic buyers.

Anew Home Staging can help you to look at your home from a buyers’ perspective. We will eliminate flaws, remove clutter, rearrange furniture, re-accessorize and fine tune in order to give your home a fresh, new, welcoming look that will attract buyers to your home.

How does the home staging process work?

During an initial consultation, Anew will conduct a room by room assessment of your home and complete a detailed analysis of the strong points and trouble spots. We will discuss the ways in which Anew will ensure your home shows to its best advantage.

During the hands-on staging process, Anew will work with you to organize your possessions in order to prepare for your upcoming move. We will begin by decluttering and editing your belongings so your home shows its best. We will rearrange furniture, accessories and art. And, we will bring in pieces from our extensive home decor library that complement your existing items and highlight the best features of your home. Our large inventory of home accessories, art, and small furniture pieces are available for clients to use free of charge. Other items such as bedding, linens, pillows, and rugs will be purchased new as needed within a budget that you set. Usually, it isn’t necessary to purchase a lot of things.


What is redesign?

An alternative to high priced interior designing, home redesign is an affordable option that honors and respects your own selections, belongings, and sense of style. Anew will work with the items that you have to give your current home a fresh, new look without the expensive price tag. If you choose to purchase new items to complement your existing décor, Anew can work with any budget that you set.

If you have recently moved and are unsure where to begin with the decorating process, let Anew Home Staging help. Using your existing furniture and accessories, we can help you to choose colors, arrange furniture, place accessories and hang art you already own in your new home. We can also work within a budget you establish to add new items to your home. The number of items purchased is up to you.

How does redesign work?

During an initial consultation, Anew will conduct an assessment of the rooms in your home you would like to update, discuss with you the type of look you would like to achieve, and do a walk thru of your home to evaluate which items are available for redesign.

During the hands-on redesign process, Anew will work with you to edit, reorganize, and rearrange existing items in your home. We will also establish a budget (as needed) and shop for any accessories, furniture items, linens, art, etc. that are necessary to achieve the look you desire.

We can work with whatever budget you set and whatever items you currently own and love to help you make your home uniquely yours.

Let us transform your home and help you to see it Anew!

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